Zoo Master Plan

The Little Rock Zoo released a new master plan in 2014 to renew the Zoo and bring exciting changes to Arkansas’s largest family attraction. This plan changes our Zoo into a zoogeographic zoo where animals are represented in natural looking habitats characteristic of their surroundings in the wild. Zoogeographic zoos place animal habitats in the country they are from and offer unique opportunities to interpret wildlife conservation, different cultures, and wild animals. Visitors will feel as if they have entered another continent when they step into the different sections of this zoogeographic zoo. Funds raised by the Arkansas Zoological Foundation are used to develop the Zoo according to this master plan.

  • These are just a few of the numerous changes outlined in the zoo’s master plan:
  • The continent of Asia with a larger elephant exhibit, tigers, sloth bears, Sarus cranes, and other Asian species
  • The continent of Africa with a new multi-species giraffe habitat that offers the opportunity to feed giraffes
  • New Discovery Center Education Building with two large tanks for an aquarium
  • New otter exhibit with underwater viewing